Clark Kent Copywriter Writes Super Sales Copy

Yesterday, I had a phone meeting with the business manager for a best-selling author, medical and naturopathic doctor that I may write copy for next year.

I had sent them a link to my portfolio page first. She began by saying, “I looked over the samples you sent…”

Immediately my mind armed itself to handle objections like “it’s a little too salesy, too long, not our thing…”

“…and WOW!” she continued. I don’t remember the exact wording that followed but she went on for a good two minutes about all the things she liked about it. I won’t bore you… but let me say that my samples had pre-sold my proposal. Everything that followed was about working contract and project details.

Before we got into all that, however, she said, “It’s hard to believe you’re the same person who wrote this stuff. Your calm, business-like demeanor on the phone is so different than the pizzazz and attention-grabbing sites you wrote. Is this how you always sound in person?”

Well, I think she just told me I’m boring.

Not being too sensitive to such things, I said, “Well, I’m suffering from major sleep deprivation due to my 20-month son’s state of perpetual teething.”

I could tell, though, she still felt disappointed.

So I said, “We copywriters are sort of like Superman. When he does his job he’s flying around making headlines. But by day, he’s mild-manner Clark Kent.”

“Nice comparison,” she said. SHE then went on to compare my situation with someone who starred in high-action martial arts films. In person, however, she found him so quiet and reserved in person.

The rest of meeting went very well, with their side 95% ready to move ahead with a BIG project (personally I’m only 80% decided, but that’s another story).

This technique of comparison helps you land copywriting clients AND write copy.

Even those-most-ready-to-buy-prospects protect their wallet with objections about the product your copy promotes.

One way to overcome those objections: Find another situation where a similar “negative” presents itself and demonstrate how, in that other situation, it is part of what results in the positive.

If you have examples of how you’ve done this, or would like to pose an objection you’re dealing with for us tackle, leave it in the comment box…

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