Copywriter Explains Why There’s No Santa in Scandinavia

I almost froze my fingers trying to take this photo of my son Jonah and I. We were bracing the first of a series of endless blizzards last weekend. According to CBC News, it’s going to be the first coast-to-coastWhite Christmas Canada has seen since 1971.

Anyway, I know Christmas keeps you busy — so I’ve made sure the following story is short and worthwhile…

Why There’s No Santa in Norway

Christmas 2003. I spent two weeks at riends’ tomato farm in Norway. They were, as you can imagine, not growing tomatoes in December.

Ever-falling snow covered the countryside. They lived about ten minutes from the ocean where I’d look across and wave to Canada.

They aren’t really into Old Saint Nick in Norway. Instead, white-bearded dwarves about three-apples high, called Nissens, handle the business of Christmas gifts for children.

Legend has it that throughout the winter, Nissen travel across Norway delivering the gifts. You can only see them if you remain “mouse-still.” If they hear a human, they’ll never appear.

I spent many hours, in those magical woodlands and white valleys, sitting “mouse-still.”

Not once did the bright red of a Nissen’s hat appear.

Instead, each day, this big white husky would find me. He’d hike with me for a few hours. I’d throw sticks and acorns ahead of me. He’d run forward, grab hold and return it to me, happy as a dog could be.

I never knew who owned him. He seemed to run wild.

I ended up calling him “Nissen.”

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

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