Copywriting Through the Recession

You are probably here because your looking for ways to protect your business from economic recession.

Despite the Feds throwing $750 billion at the U.S. economic crisis, we know it’s far from over.

By this time next year, many economists believe we’ll see HYPER-inflation as never before THANKS to that “rescue plan.”

The whole world will feel the repercussions…

People will buy less.

Only the best of the best companies will remain standing.

I believe three factors determine the “best of the best”…

  1. Customer service
  2. Quality products
  3. Effective marketing strategies and direct-response copywriting

To achieve #3 they need copywriters that not only “know the trade” but who also “fit” their market.

It may surprise you to hear that you may be more suitable a copywriter for a specific million dollar business than many of the highest paid copywriters.


Because you may already buy the same products that that business sells. You may naturally possess the same needs, desires and personality.

That’s a completely fair advantage you possess.

There most likely exists a few companies or several small businesses out there where you qualify as their ideal copywriter. Not, necessarily, because of your copywriting techniques, tricks and secrets but because you understand the market.

You may, for example, use a softer copywriting style that works great with women over 60 (who, by the way, are big spenders).

You may have years of martial arts experience and would be ideal for writing copy that sells kung fu training DVDs and instruction books.

You may serve at your church and would be a great asset writing copy for the various Christian direct-response marketing products out there.

Personally, I have plenty of experience in the alternative health and yoga markets. It’s easy for me to write copy for this market. It’s obvious to me what they’ll respond to.

You possess your own unique talents, interests and personality. All of which would be ideal for certain businesses.

But you need to know how to let those businesses know about your existence.

First, figure out what type of copywriter you are so you know what type of businesses you should target.

Then you need to know how to communicate your uniqueness.

That’s how you become the “ideal” choice for a select few businesses that think little of writing four and five figure cheques in exchange for your copy.

It’s NOT about blindly offering generic copywriting services to any and all businesses.

Strategize! Figure out what you got to give and which type of businesses would most benefit from it.

Since you’re still reading I assume this interests you.

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