It Takes More Than “Copywriting Secrets” to Succeed

It’s just as important to (good) copywriting clients HOW your copy will produce money for them than how much money.

Real businesses seek copywriters who bring them lifelong customers, not one-day sales.

They realize that it takes more than just “copywriting secrets” to sell stuff. It takes an intimate understanding of the market. i.e. If you’re a rowdy young man, who spends his weekends at bars, your copywriting skills may not be enough to help you sell how-to books on knitting to women between 50 and 60.

Your character, background, experience and disposition empower or hurt your ability to write copy that sells in certain markets.

Shaune Clarke’s upcoming (only 7 days left…) Craft Your Own Untouchable Copywriter’s USP teleconference can help you find the type of copywriting clients you’ll prosper with. You need not mutate into another “money-sucking vacuum cleaner on steroids.”

Real copy clients don’t buy into that type of trashy copy anyways.

Shaune helped me take my extensive yoga and natural health background into the natural health market where I’ve been writing copy since 2006.

He’s shown musicians how to apply the art and science of melody to increasing their perceived value as freelance copywriters.

He’s shown a bookworm how to become the “Copywriting Professor” –selling home-study programs.

Shaune’s helped…

…stay-at-moms, military officers, a Learjet salesperson, a school secretary, a high school teacher, a Reiki master, a chiropractor, a bookkeeper, a blind violinist, a painter, a greeting cards distributor, a composer, a car salesman…

…from Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland, England and New Zealand…

…people in their 20s, parents who just let the last kid out of the nest, and retirees who don’t want to rely on social security…

Shaune’s helped them all find a unique and profitable place in the vast copywriting ocean.

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